[November 2018] Law firm, Japan.

Dear Umesh and Neha, I am impressed with the searches and though we found some better information but we understand we gave you limited time and you did an excellent job in the allocated deadline. I will definitely order next service from you soon. Very good team, great effort and excellent service quality.

[May 2019] Corporate, Finland.

Neha, we have made initial review of the results and found the results useful. Thank you for making this invalidity search.

[December 2018] Corporate, Japan.

Dear Umesh & Neha, We are very satisfied with your search result about XXX.  Especially, detailed claim analysis was useful for us.

[May 2019] Law firm, Netherlands.

Dear Neha, No problems with the quality of the work. They were also accepted by the Dutch Patent Office.

[May 2019] Law Firm, France.

Dear Mrs. Neha Sharma, Yes, we appreciate the quality of your work.

[April 2019] Law firm, Malaysia.

Umesh, the search report got approved from our client and you can proceed with next set of ordered work.

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